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Pestilence: on Darwin's voyage around the world

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Chen Hong

on January 6, we arrived at Tenerife

, but were not allowed to land, because the local people were afraid that we would bring cholera ashore. The next morning, we watched the sun rise from behind the rugged outline of the island of Grand Canal, and for a moment lit up the summit of tennivere, still enveloped in light and white clouds. This is the first of many joyful days to go through, which makes people forget forever.

Charles Darwin, voyage of the Beagle, page 6

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on December 27, 1831, the 22-year-old Darwin, a behavioral naturalist, participated in the expedition of the British Royal warship, the Beagle, to South America. Tenerife island was the first stop they planned to land. This island has a strange place in Darwin's mind now. His most respected naturalist Alexander von Humboldt

described it vividly in his book the journey to the inflamed zone of the new world. Darwin wanted to visit Tenerife, but he could not find any friends with whom he had money and leisure, so he just gave up. Now, Yi Yi Yi comes to the scene, but cholera is passing through Europe. Warships must stay at sea for 12 days to be able to land. Captain Fitzroy

(Robert Fitzroy)

was unwilling to waste his time, so he ordered the warship to keep on going. Darwin and tennivere were lost.

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by Charles Darwin, translated by Chen Hong, April 2020.

This is only the first paragraph on the first page of the book when the voyage of the Beagle was translated. At a time when the new coronavirus is poisoning the world, this paragraph suddenly has practical significance - we are not so far away from the era of one or two hundred years ago: plague, suspension of navigation, obstruction, diplomatic distance

Naturally, the difference is huge. Within weeks of the outbreak of covid-19, the nucleic acid sequence of the pathogen sars-cov-2 was determined. Soon the virus organization was clear. The image of a spherical virus with thorns is everywhere, which has become a symbol of our times. People pay close attention to the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs every day. It seems that even if it is not in the near future, there will be more than one quick three platform home page in a few months. If it is beyond one or two years, we will not think about it. Young scientists singled out \